FPSC Experience Certificate Format

If you are interested to apply for the FPSC job in which sufficient experience related to the post is demanded then you should know how to prepare the experience certificate. The official format of experience certificate for the jobs of FPSC is given here. You can download here or to be typed/printed on letter Head of Ministry/Division/Department/Organization/Firm).


How To Fill FPSC Experience Certificate of Specimen

You have to fill the following requirement on the form of experience certificate;

  1. Name of Applicant
  2. Organization Name
  3. Experience period
  4. Job Category (Contract/Permanent/Daily Wages etc.)
  5. Duties of Applications
  6. Issue Date
  7. Certificate By an Officer of Concerned department

Terms and Conditions

(i) Experience certificate must be issued under the signature of an officer at least one step higher than the post applied for. For example in case of a candidate for a post of BS-17, the experience certificate must be issued under the signature of head of the department/an officer of BPS-18 or equivalent as the case may be.

(ii) In case of a candidate who served/is serving in a private Firm/Organization, experience certificate must be issued under the signature of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/ Director (Admn/HR)/ Manager (HR) of Private Firm/ Organization with his CNIC No., Address and Phone Nos.

(iii) Experience certificate must be issued on the official letter pad with reference/file No. and date of issue and it should be duly stamped with full address. Telephone No. should also be indicated, failing which the experience certificate will not be acceptable.

(iv) In case of more than one employer each experience certificate must be on the pattern as given above to derive the authentication/period of relevancy/irrelevancy of the job.

(v) Experience Certificate only of firms/ companies/ institutions/ organizations/ banks/ NGOs etc., well known nationally or internationally, have appropriately been registered/ incorporated with concerned government department/ institution for doing business, maintain office(s) and have proper registration number/ reference number, where applicable, is acceptable.

FPSC Experience Certificate Format PDF Download

FPSC Experience Certificate Format

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