CSS Exam Guidelines 2021

CSS Exam Guidelines 2021

CSS Exam is no-doubt biggest job opportunity and dream of every student who is hardworking and intelligent. If you are finding the CSS preparation then I guide you to search more on Google to find latest tips and tricks for qualifying of CSS Exam 2021. Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has also announced the CSS Exam 2021 date sheet.

If you you are going to appear in CSS exam then you must understand you have to compete thousands of students/candidates who appeared in the CSS exam. Most of the students do not qualify CSS exam despite their hard work because they do not make preparation in proper line. You must have CSS Exam guidelines / instruction to qualify otherwise difficult because it is important to know what to study and how to make preparation. Hard work is a key to success only if it is done in the right direction leading to success.

It is very easy to qualify CSS Exam, provided that you make preparation in proper lines. You should be more intelligent, handworker and updated about knowledge then you can get the success of CSS. Preparation for each Paper: CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers. Candidates must read these carefully and ensure compliance.

New Guidelines For CSS Exams 2021

These instructions are meant to help and guide candidates and are not exhaustive by any definition. Appearance in the exam at given date, time and place while being in possession of all required documents and writing material etc. is the sole responsibility of candidates. For the same, they must prepare in all respects well before the time. They must get familiarized with all related Rules and Instructions.

Self-discipline, reasonable attire, responsible behavior, graceful conduct and composure is expected out of all the ladies and gentlemen participating in this prestigious competitive process and inter alia exam cycle. While success remains the fate of a few, learning should be the aim of all. Candidates must therefore have foremost objective of learning from the process. They must practice displaying extra-ordinary personal traits and must perform exceptionally well on papers.

THUMB IMPRESSION would be required for appearance in the Examination in all papers
without any exception. You MUST therefore report at exam hall(s) AT LEAST ONE HOUR
BEFORE the start of paper / scheduled time.

COVID-19 SOPs are in place and are required to be followed in true letter and spirit. Candidates MUST therefore bring their own Transparent Water Bottle, wear Face Mask all the time in the examination centre, use Sanitizer and Ensure Social Distancing at the Entrances and Exits or where required. Prevention is the collective responsibility while care is the personal one. Candidates therefore MUST take good care of themselves at all the times which include, before, during and after the exams.

Each Candidate must ensure that, he/she is Not Suffering from COVID-19 or have symptoms thereof or the fact that he/she is not supposed to be in Quarantine. Life and Health of others is as important as of one’s own.

Candidates are once again advised to READ CSS COMPETITIVE EXAM RULES CAREFULLY. These are also available on FPSC website: www.fpsc.gov.pk/ or can be reached from the previous page. CSS-Competitive Examination Rules 2019 are applicable for this exam and shall remain in force.

Appearance in CSS CE is strictly governed by CSS CE RULES and no deviation is permissible at all in any condition in the sole interest of Merit.

A Candidate’s Appearance in CSS CE 2021 itself TESTIFIES WILLFUL ACT OF EXPLICITLY ACCEPTING THE INCONTESTABLE CSS RULES & INSTRUCTIONS IN TOTALITY AND WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, INCLUDING THE ONE ISSUED FROM TIME TO TIME. Furthermore, all candidates will adhere to and abide by these rules and instructions being fully cognizant of all related factors. Any violation of these rules or instructions may lead to the initiation of disciplinary proceedings. [Rule 11(20) of CSS CE Rules].

Candidates MUST visit their respective exam centers for both compulsory and optional papers at least ONE DAY BEFORE the start of the exams. This is to make sure that they are aware of the exact location related traffic conditions, available transport facilities and can reach well before time on the day of exam without facing any difficulty at all. Candidates are advised to coordinate all travel arrangements accordingly and MUST NOT GET LATE for the paper. NO LATE ENTRY WILL BE ALLOWED AT ALL. [Rule 11(18) of CSS CE Rules].

All Candidates MUST bring ORIGINAL VALID CNIC (only acceptable identity document) along with ADMISSION CERTIFICATE for entrance in the examination hall. No entry will be permitted without Original and Valid CNIC in any case whatsoever (Photocopy/colored copy of CNIC or NADRA receipt or any other identity document like service card or passport etc. will not be acceptable at all).

CANDIDATES MUST BE SEATED AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE the start of each paper at the allocated seat, as per seating plan. Wrong Seating is not allowed at all.

Use of Unfair Means including possession of all types of electronic gadgetry including cell phones, smart watches, blue tooth / GSM devices or likewise devises that can help in getting unfair help are STRICTLY BANNED & NOT ALLOWED in the exam halls or premises. Any candidate, if found in possession of any such device(s), shall be DISQUALIFIED from the instant examination with INITIATION OF CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS under CSS CE Rule 16(4) and PPC.

All contraband items to include arms, weapons, ammunition, explosive or any combustible materials etc., are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

ADMITTANCE IN THE EXAMINATION PROCESS IS PROVISIONAL ONLY. It is granted on the basis of information provided by the candidates in their online applications and inter alia hardcopies of the online applications. The eligibility therefore will be subject to the FULFILMENT OF ALL REQUIRED CONDITIONS as laid down in CSS Rules. Any Candidate found ineligible at any time during or even after the conclusion of exam cycle will be disqualified. Therefore candidates are advised to participate in the exam ensuring that they are rightfully eligible and fulfil all requirements without any doubt.

According to the rule 11(16) a candidate shall be deemed to have attempted the examination if he/she actually appears in any one or more papers, even if he/she tenders a blank answer book/sheet and even if stands rejected later on.

If a candidate misses any one of the compulsory or optional paper for medical or any other reason, He / She will not be allowed to appear in the remaining paper(s). [Rule 11(15) of CSS CE Rules].

Public Holidays will not affect the schedule of examination.

Candidates MUST Bring their own Stationary items for the exam. Exchange of stationery items among candidates is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed in any case. Candidates must bring transparent bags for keeping their stationary items. No leather bags or concealing material will be allowed inside the exam hall.

Candidates must bring own handkerchief/tissue papers/wet tissues/wipes etc to clean / remove ink off their hands.

CANDIDATES ARE ADVISED IN THEIR OWN INTEREST TO MAKE SURE THAT, HE/SHE FULFILS ALL REQUIREMENTS AS PER CSS CE RULES, before appearing in the exam otherwise your candidature, on detailed scrutiny, if rejected shall result in consumption of your chance and withholding of your result in terms of CSS CE Rule 11(16) and 11(20).


Candidates are Rejected due to conflict between their provided information and required eligibility conditions. The reason(s) of rejection are conveyed to them and Rejected Candidates are issued Admission Certificate to avoid loss of chance and grant Provisional Entry in the Exam Process. It is therefore, the responsibility of the candidates to resolve the issues after the exam in terms of making representation to the commission. In case their plea is not accepted or is not covered in the related Rules they will remain rejected with their results remaining withheld. Related Rule 17(1) of the CE Rules is produced as under for better understanding:

“A candidate aggrieved by any decision of the Commission shall be entitled to make a representation or, as the case may be, a review petition in accordance with the provisions of the Ordinance and the rules made thereunder and no such representation or review petition shall be entertained unless accompanied with an original treasury receipt evidencing payment of fee of five hundred Rupees or such other fee as the Commission may determine from time to time.”

Rejected candidates are allowed provisionally to appear in written examination at their own risk subject to the decision on representation which shall be decided by the Commission strictly in accordance with CSS Competitive Examination Rules. It may be noted that result of a rejected candidate shall not be announced in terms of Rules 16(6) of CE Rules However, his chance on account of appearing in the examination shall stand consumed vide Rule 11(16) & (20) of CE Rules.

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